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Pian’OPV, the piano that can detect light variations

23 April 2019

One of the particular features of the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film, in addition to its ability to produce electricity, is its capacity to detect light variations, and therefore to act as a sensor. Discover our Pian'OPV!

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Solar energy – Discovery, operation and technologies

17 April 2019

Solar energy, an inexhaustible and abundant source of energy at the Earth's surface. But how can we transform solar energy into electric current and what are the existing photovoltaic technologies which are able to achieve this?

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You can rely on the expertise of the ASCA® SOLUTIONS LAB to provide the support you need to successfully complete your projects and benefit from the very best of the ASCA® technology, thanks to bespoke solutions designed to meet your particular requirements.

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