The ASCA® adventure

In 2009, ARMOR takes up a major industrial challenge: to launch industrial-scale production of ASCA® photovoltaic films at the Industrial Expertise Centre in La Chevrolière, near Nantes. In 2016, ARMOR achieves its objective by marketing its first ASCA® films.

2009: beginning of the human and technological adventure

In 2009-2010, the first laboratory cell is printed with the support of numerous leading scientific and technological partners (CEA, LCPO, AMCOR, ADHEX).

ARMOR invests 40 million euros in its renewable energy development activities over the period 2009-2016. ARMOR also benefits from support from the Pays-de-la-Loire region.


2012: first industrial printing of photovoltaic cells

A Design Department is established in 2012. It is composed of a multi-disciplinary team. The first industrial coating machinery is ready to meet bespoke requirements and cover industrial and market demand.

In the same year, the first photovoltaic cells are printed on an industrial scale at the Expertise Centre in La Chevrolière, near Nantes. The consortium of partners is reinforced via the collaboration with the IMS in Bordeaux and FAU.


2016: launch of ASCA® production

In late 2016, production of ASCA® photovoltaic films is launched and the first commercial partnerships are established with JCDecaux, Litogami and Electriciens sans frontières.