Our industrial expertise

 With the support of its globally recognised expertise in the formulation of high quality inks and in the coating of ultra-thin films, ARMOR designs and produces a photovoltaic technology capable of converting light into electricity.

The ASCA® film is the fruit of ARMOR’s full range of expertise

The ASCA® film represents the condensed benefits of all the expertise acquired by ARMOR with the additional support of prestigious scientific and technological partners.

The formulations designed by ARMOR are coated onto an ultra-thin and semi-transparent flexible film. This hi-tech concept is produced entirely at the Industrial Expertise Center in La Chevrolière, near Nantes.


“Widths of product less than 5 micrometres thick”

ARMOR uses the roll-to-roll wet coating process

ARMOR produces thermal transfer ribbons using the roll-to-roll wet coating process. This process offers an extraordinary production speed: 800 metres of ribbon produced each minute on films of 1 meter wide. Each layer is less than 1 micrometer.

ARMOR has decided to use the same coating process for the ASCA® film as the one used to produce thermal transfer ribbons to capitalize on its know-how but adapted to ASCA® specific constraints. The pilot production line is able to produce photovoltaic film with a width of 600 mm.

“Globally unique production facilities”


Production using bespoke facilities designed by ARMOR

ARMOR benefits from unique facilities specially adapted for the ASCA® film production which have been designed in-house by experienced personnel.

This coating process combines agility and responsiveness as it can be adjusted quickly and at low cost in order to adapt to demand and other requirements.

Production capacity able to meet all needs

Full control of this coating process using production facilities without equal anywhere in the world explains why ARMOR is now fully able to meet large-scale industrial demand with the help of the ASCA® film.

In 2016, the manufacturing facilities dedicated to the ASCA® OPV film progressed to the production phase and are technically capable of producing the equivalent of 1 million m2 of photovoltaic film per annum.