ASCA® SOLUTIONS LAB is at your disposal, offering project support and bespoke solutions to meet your needs. Benefit from our experience to turn the application of your dreams into reality.

Take advantage of the ASCA® SOLUTIONS LAB

ASCA® offers you a design department fully dedicated to project design and support. The ASCA® SOLUTIONS LAB is composed of a multi-disciplinary team offering expertise in mechanics, electronics, design and prototyping. Each member of the team is specially trained to fully focus on your requirements.

Bespoke solutions designed by experts


The objective of the ASCA® SOLUTIONS LAB is to create the solutions you need. Our team will carefully analyse your specifications to assess the opportunities of your project (surface area, location and design), your needs in terms of utilisation (required power, compliance with the preferred design and intended application) and your production constraints.

ASCA® SOLUTIONS LAB first of all conducts a pre-study to assess the energy potential of your project and then drafts initial plans of the various possible designs. This analysis will provide you with a realistic overview of the range of possibilities and the prerequisites for commencing our collaboration. The scope of intervention of the ASCA® SOLUTIONS LAB in the design of your project is then developed together in line with your specific requirements.

Collaboration with ASCA® SOLUTIONS LAB: flexible support

Taking your project forward by incorporating ASCA® SOLUTIONS LAB team means having the choice of multiple modes of operation, from simple supply of the ASCA® product right up to full management of its integration within your application, while coordinating all the partners required to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

ASCA® SOLUTIONS LAB works day-in and day-out with an ecosystem of partners, all of which are fully conversant with the issues of ASCA® integration and solar energy storage.

If you decide to select ASCA® SOLUTIONS LAB to be in charge of the global integration of the ASCA® photovoltaic films within your product, our cooperation is provided in project mode structured around multiple key phases, from ideation to industrialisation.