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ASCA® and Litogami : two years of collaboration

19 November 2018

For two years now, Litogami imagines its solar, ecological and responsible products with the organic photovoltaic film ASCA®.


ASCA® enters the world of solar sailing!

25 June 2018

Afin de faire connaître son innovation technologique photovoltaïque ASCA®, le groupe ARMOR et l'IUT de Nantes ont collaboré pour créer une voile entièrement solaire permettant d'alimenter un système de gouverne.

ASCA® Mobility

An organic handbag incorporating the ASCA® photovoltaic film.

08 March 2018

Flying to the Sun and ARMOR produce a new solar bag, 100% recoverable and equipped with two ASCA© ultra-thin photovoltaic films.


ARMOR takes up a leading role at the inaugural International Solar Alliance summit in Delhi

07 March 2018

Face à la bataille du climat, quelques entreprises françaises seront réunies au côté du Président de la République Française, Emmanuel Macron à Delhi pour défendre les enjeux de l'énergie solaire. Parmi elles, ARMOR sera présente pour présenter sa nouvelle technologie disruptive : les films photovoltaïques ASCA®.


Armor was in Nairobi (Kenya) during the Un Environment Assembly

06 December 2017

During the UN Environment Assembly for sustainable innovations in Kenya, Nicolas Hulot, Minister of Ecological & Solidary transition, was impressed by the ASCA©photovoltaic film, qualifying it of "promising technology."


ASCA® presented at the World Electronics Forum (WEF) 2017

25 September 2017

On the occasion of the 2017 World Electronic Forum (WEF) World Event, ASCA ® will be presented. Find us when roaming on Smart Energy, we will present the new photovoltaic films ASCA ®.