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A 60cm wide organic photovoltaic film, a world first

21/03/2018 News

The ARMOR teams have just reached an important milestone in the development of the ASCA® photovoltaic film. While the modules on the market were previously only 50 cm wide, the latest ASCA® photovoltaic modules can reach up to 60 cm wide. This new innovation developed by the ASCA® RDII (Research, Development, Innovation and Industrialization) opens up new opportunities in the transport and construction markets.

A larger module with the same efficiency

This new module, tested for its electrical performance, guarantees an efficiency of 40 Watt-peaks per m², and can complete the range of modules already available (15 and 30 cm), while maintaining an identical level of performance. These performances are certified for industrial use, which is a world record for a module 60cm wide.

As stressed by Damien Hau, Research, Development, Innovation and Industrialization (RDII) Manager for the ASCA® photovoltaic films:

“This 60cm-wide product, which is also available in lengths of up to 30m, will offer all those turning to photovoltaic energy a new, reliable, high-performance and inspirational component.”

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<h2>ASCA<sup>®</sup> Solutions Lab, meeting the needs of manufacturers</h2>
<p>This new innovation, designed by the RDII team, will be made available to the ASCA<sup>®</sup> Solutions Lab, the multidisciplinary team in charge of evaluating and adapting the ASCA<sup>®</sup> film to the needs of manufacturers wishing to use the film in their applications.</p>
<p><strong>Two sectors of activity are particularly concerned by the expansion of photovoltaic modules:</strong></p>
<li><strong>ASCA<sup>®</sup> Structures</strong>, which includes the market for buildings, solar greenhouses, and ephemeral architectures,</li>
<li><strong>ASCA<sup>®</sup> Transports</strong>, which targets the automotive, aeronautics, rail and nautical markets.</li>

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