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ARMOR – partner of the Rayo’Nantes project

09/07/2019 News

Rayo’Nantes is the name given to the project led by Angélique Bichon-Kieffer and Laurence Angelaud-Juliot. Their objective: to participate in the Raid Amazones, to be held in Vietnam on 11-20 October 2019.

A sporting event promoting solidarity

This adventure and multisports event launched by the former TV presenter Alexandre Debanne is organized by ZBO and exclusively reserved for women. The two women from Nantes have been inspired by its values: it is non-motorized and goes under the motto of “no engine, just sweat”.

Beyond the purely sporting performance aspect, the Rayo’Nantes project also incorporates a humanitarian element by supporting local populations. For this event, ZBO will be renovating a school in a mountain village close to Da Nang and will be replacing the roof.

ESF and ARMOR, partners of this sporting challenge

The Raid Amazones also sponsors charitable initiatives, with Electriciens sans frontières and ARMOR being selected by Rayo’Nantes:

“As we work in civil engineering, it seemed logical to support projects related to this field and we therefore chose Électriciens sans frontières (ESF)”, explain the Rayo’Nantes women.

ESF then played go-between with its partner since 2017, the company ARMOR based in La Chevrolière, near Nantes. The two women will be taking ASCA® solar kits with them in their luggage.

Solar Home System - Solar Kit

Innovative solar kits

In mid-October some twenty ASCA® solar kits will be handed out to the children in Da Nang school.

The solar kits include a pouch which, once opened up, is transformed into a solar charger and LED light enabling the children to work in the evenings and light up their home. Thanks to the ASCA® film, incorporated within the pouch, the light’s battery recharges throughout the day for use after nightfall.

To find out more about Rayo’Nantes:

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