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The ASCA® photovoltaic film by ARMOR exhibited at the Elysée Palace

27/01/2020 Events

The ASCA® organic photovoltaic film was exhibited at the Elysée Palace, the official residence of the French President, on 18 and 19 January 2020! The exhibition selection committee of Fabriqué en France (Made in France), chaired by the Secretary of State, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, selected the flexible, lightweight and transparent ASCA® photovoltaic film from among the 1,750 candidates. Open to the general public, the exhibition showcased expertise from each French department.

A brand-new exhibition

The exhibition was a historic first. President Emmanuel Macron decided to stage an event demonstrating an emblematic product, solution or expertise from each department in France. The selected candidates are very varied, emanating from regional tradition or, conversely, represent the latest flowering of technological innovation.

The unique and innovative ASCA® technology

Produced at ARMOR’s production plants in the department of Loire-Atlantique, the ASCA® film is a highly innovative technology that is revolutionizing the established solar market. The ASCA® film offers numerous properties: lightweight, flexible, 100% recyclable, customizable, produced from a low-carbon process, free of rare and toxic components, semi-transparent and, of course, designed and made in France. It has already been incorporated into numerous projects:

The ASCA® technology will also be exported abroad, as demonstrated by an agreement signed in 2019 with the Dubai-based company Masar Printing and Publishing for the deployment of the ASCA® film in the Middle East and North Africa.

This unique French expertise notably enables France to seize opportunities in a photovoltaics market largely dominated by solar panels sourced from China.

Fil OPV à l'Elysée

A strong industrial history

The ASCA® film was born out of ARMOR’s historic expertise in the coating of thin layers onto thin films. “After seeing ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, a 2006 film by Al Gore, I asked the entire company to rally its forces in order to provide our own response to climate change. The ASCA® film is the fruit of a collaborative effort at all levels of the company, supported by intensive R&D. There is a vast array of potential applications, from autonomous solar collectors on skyscrapers, to Smart Cities, to soft mobility…”, stresses Hubert de Boisredon, CEO of the mid-market company based in Nantes, with great enthusiasm. The unprecedented exhibition at the Elysée Palace confirms the potential of this innovative and sustainable technology.

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