ASCA® presented at the World Electronics Forum (WEF) 2017

25/09/2017 Events

Last October 26th, the World Electronics Forum (WEF) got together with main players of the electronic world. 7 companies of Angers’s region were greeted by French and international delegations to approach smart tomorrow’s uses : Smart Agri, Smart Health, Smart Wear, Smart Security, Smart Mobility, Smart Energy and Smart Home. Armor was invited to present its new photovoltaic film ASCA® as part of the Smart Energy, round table organized at the head office of Cesbron Company.

A positive energy meeting!

The round table « Smart Energy » took place in the Cesbron energy positive building. An ideal place for ARMOR, which have presented its photovoltaic module ASCA®, distinctive by its low-carbon conception and its high potential in renewable energy. “In front of a Chinese, Indian and American, but also French audience, we have been able to expose unique properties of our OPV module and explain the functioning of our design center, the ASCA® Solutions Lab, in order to create new partnership with others industrials” says Moïra ASSES, Marketing & Business Development Projects Manager.

Solar Set, Solar Bag, Solar Pocket : delighted audience!

Solar products launched by Beautiful Light Factory had aroused a greatly interest from the audience. “There were many questions, point out Moïra Asses. The price of these business gifts, phone recharge time, retail outlet etc., participants wanted to know everything!”

These solar IoT was also presented at the same time at the round table about Smart Wear by GETEX, Armor’s partner which insure the making of those three products including ASCA®’s film. About Smart Energy, ARMOR’s presentation comes to an end with the projection of inspiring pictures allowing participants to dream of new applications for ASCA® thanks to its transparency, lightness and flexibility.

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