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Building Integrated PhotoVoltaics, systems of high potential

28 August 2020

Building Integrated PhotoVoltaics - or BIPV - are commonly acknowledged as photovoltaic materials that are used to replace conventional building materials in parts of the building envelope

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Focus on Free-Form

19 May 2020

Have you ever dreamed of creating a photovoltaic module of unlimited size or shape? This is precisely what is promised by Free-Form technology!

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Focus on the dimensions of ASCA® film

30 March 2020

ASCA® modules are custom-made and can be adapted to the size of your surfaces and products. But do you know all the possibilities?

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Focus of the energy payback time of the…

11 February 2020

Unlike other photovoltaic technologies, the ASCA® OPV film has a particularly short energy payback time. It is optimized from the conception.

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Off-Grid solar energy : A development catalyst!

27 November 2019

Access to energy is a major issue that poses multiple challenges at the global level. Solutions currently exist to provide everyone with access to energy, without necessarily having to be connected to the traditional electricity grids.

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BAPV vs BIPV : what are the differences?

14 November 2019

What are the differences between BAPV and BIPV? What is the solution to adapt according to the type of application?

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Climb mountains with OPV technology

08 October 2019

How can athletes easily gain all the energy independence they need in order power their connected equipment without slowing their progress?

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Exploiting solar energy with minimum environmental impact

23 September 2019

When deciding to turn to green energy, it is essential to compare the environmental impact of the technologies currently on the market.

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OPV has more than one trick up its…

05 September 2019

Rather than connecting to the electricity grid, it is now possible to produce your own energy with solar bags and solar chargers