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Climb mountains with OPV technology

08/10/2019 Focus on

The rise of connected objects in the sporting world has been making great strides over the past ten years: GPS, watches, etc. This applies all the more to leisure activities and outdoor sports! But how can athletes easily gain all the energy independence they need in order power their connected equipment, without slowing their progress?!

Solar energy next in line to advance connected sport!

Although many athletes use connected watches and other trackers to monitor and measure performance, energy dependence is not always compatible with their activities. This particularly applies to outdoor sports taking place over several days. Athletes participating in mountain treks or ocean racing need ready access to energy despite being distant from any power supply. What can be done?

connected solar sport


To win, you need to be surrounded by the best… OPV films!

The ideal solution to turn to, therefore, is renewable energy, especially solar. The ASCA® organic photovoltaic films offer athletes an entirely mobile and lightweight solution… thanks to this innovative and environmentally friendly technology, they are able to recharge their devices easily from any location! The low weight and flexibility of the ASCA® photovoltaic modules have the advantage of being easy to install in lightweight equipment designed for comfort and portability, such as backpacks. So keen aficionados of outdoor activities can easily power their connected objects without adding to their load thanks to these solar films, which are much lighter than silicon panels… Anyone using a backpack or clothing fitted with ASCA® photovoltaic film will even forget it is there, thanks to the film being lightweight, discreet and practical!

Proof in pictures with the example of Simon Deniel, a mountain guide, who explains the merits of ASCA® photovoltaic film in his everyday activities.

Does your connected object target athletes involved in outdoor activities? Why not make it energy independent by fitting it with a flexible and lightweight photovoltaic film. By adding an inexhaustible source of mobile energy to your product, you will be able to win over all athletes seeking out cutting-edge equipment! Contact us to find out all the reasons for choosing ASCA® films for your product!

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