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Focus of the energy payback time of the ASCA® film

11/02/2020 Focus on

How is the photovoltaic energy payback time calculated?

The photovoltaic energy payback time is the time required by an application to generate as much energy as is consumed during its production. The energy payback time of an application too frequently fails to take into consideration the full life cycle of the product (manufacture, transportation, installation and recycling).
If your application has a short useful life, such as bags and luggage, you should then favour technologies with a very short energy payback time to ensure that the useful life of your application is sufficient to at least offset the energy costs of its production!

The ASCA® solar technology: made in France and eco-responsible

Composed of organic polymers, the ASCA® solar films are produced using a low-carbon process. The manufacturing process consumes very little energy as production temperatures do not exceed 120°C unlike classic photovoltaic panels, which require temperatures more than ten times as high. This provides the advantage of an environmentally friendly technology in terms of both utilisation and manufacture. Furthermore, it is 100% recoverable. This aspect means that the approach adopted by ARMOR, the company responsible for its development and production, is fully in keeping with its environmental principles.

Solar energy payback time (EPBT)

The ASCA® film: a record beater in terms of energy payback time (EPBT)

Independent studies conducted into energy payback time (EPBT) for certain applications incorporating ASCA® organic film prove that the energy payback time is around 10 times shorter than that of other solar technologies. This finding is notably the result of the objectives of the designers of this French technology to ensure that it fully meets current environmental concerns, from manufacture, to utilisation and end-of-life processing.

Solarise your applications with clean solar technology

If you are seeking to equip your application with a photovoltaic technology, it is certainly with the intention of reducing your carbon footprint. By selecting ASCA® photovoltaic film you will be choosing a product with considerable environmental advantages, thanks to its low-carbon design that guarantees you the cleanest possible source of energy.

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