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Focus on the dimensions of ASCA® film

14/01/2020 Focus on

ASCA® modules can be tailor made to meet the specific requirements of your surface area

The bigger the covered surface area, the larger the energy output. If the nature of your application enables you to equip large surface areas, the ASCA® photovoltaic film is ideal as it has virtually no sizing constraints. You can determine the precise dimensions you wish to deploy simply by joining together different-sized modules. By fine tuning the modules to your specific needs, you can optimise the surface area covered by the photovoltaic films, incorporating them onto all available surfaces and areas. Precisely the same flexibility applies if you only have a limited surface area. The ASCA® photovoltaic modules adapt to the dimensional constraints of your application, not the other way around!

What are the available dimensions of the ASCA® photovoltaic modules?

The ASCA® photovoltaic modules can be manufactured to produce different levels of power (5V, 12V and 24V). But they can also be produced to meet specific requirements depending on your available surface area and energy needs! Our modules can measure up to 60cm in width and 6m in length! By assembling them in series or in parallel you can obtain ‘super modules’ of very significant dimensions. For example, it is possible to install on your applications widths of 2.50 metres and lengths of several dozens of metres!

Dimension sur-mesure photovoltaïque

When are tailor-made photovoltaic cells required?

Most applications in the construction and transport sectors are able to be equipped with a large surface area of photovoltaic film. Conversely, if your application is a sensor or other product of limited size, you can then select the dimensions of your photovoltaic modules to ensure that the ASCA® film perfectly fits the available surface area.

Does your application demand specific dimensions and tailor-made photovoltaic modules are the only solution to solarise your project?

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