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Solarise your application with optimum flexibility!

Are you seeking to make your product’s surfaces exposed to sunlight active, but the originality of its lines appears to you to be incompatible with existing solar technologies? Think again! It is no longer necessary to restrict yourself to flat surfaces in order to incorporate a photovoltaic solution: flexible films will genuinely liberate your creativity by mitigating numerous traditional constraints!

When should you turn to a flexible solar film?

Flexibility is a major advantage when the photovoltaic technology you wish to use in your application must conform to its degree of curvature and its design. A solar charger or solar bag, for example, will be easier to handle and will offer an incomparable aesthetic finish if you opt for a flexible solar film unobtrusively incorporated within your product.

This also applies to temporary structures, which generally favour flexible, lightweight and easy-to-dismantle materials. Incorporation of a flexible solar film is vital in order to satisfy such constraints. The same goes for construction projects with curved surfaces, which must be equipped with photovoltaic films that are sufficiently flexible to preserve the design and architectural qualities.

Flexible photovoltaic film

Select ASCA®, the ultra-flexible solar film

The ASCA® organic photovoltaic (OPV) film is able to withstand torsion without undermining its potential. Accelerated ageing tests on the film demonstrate its very high levels of resistance. Subjected to 50,000 cycles of being rolled up and unrolled on a 50mm diameter mandrel, no loss of effectiveness was observed.

So it is plain to see that the ASCA® solar film is the perfect partner for all your original design projects, in addition to your mobile or temporary applications. Its flexibility offers conformability to a much greater range of shapes and substrates.

Does the flexibility of the ASCA® solar film inspire you with ideas? Do you have any questions or would like us to become involved in your project?

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