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Focus on the low weight of the ASCA® film

05/08/2019 Focus on

Unburden your applications!

Retaining the near identical weight of an application while equipping it with a photovoltaic technology can be a major issue. If the application is to be installed on a low weight-bearing, inflatable or metallic-textile structure (tent, shelter, etc.), the surface density will be a fundamental factor.

Similarly, all applications carried by their users (such as rucksacks and solar chargers) must be fitted with a discrete and lightweight solar film. The thinness of the solar technology will therefore be an important selection criterion for the outdoor sports enthusiast, for example, who will not fail to see the more practical and attractive qualities of the product.

See your projects take off thanks to organic photovoltaics (OPV)

In aerospace and aviation, the mass of each component is an important factor in the ultimate performance of the machine. In such cases, an organic solar technology such as the ASCA® film offers an incomparable weight advantage. And to make small surfaces photoactive, such as sensors and connected objects, an ultra-lightweight photovoltaic device is also a major consideration. A solar film will maintain the compactness of your application by adapting to its dimensions while maintaining its low weight.

Low weight - ASCA® Solar Pannel

Lightweight solarisation of your product can now be achieved thanks to the ASCA® film!

The ASCA® solar films offer you a solution free of weight constraints, being a technology as light as paper! An ASCA® module weighs less than 450g/m².

To get a better idea of this ‘featherweight’ technology, just imagine that a solar film the size of an A4 sheet of paper weighs just 30 grammes, i.e. 6 assembled sheets of A4. Which just goes to show the ultra-lightness of the ASCA® film and all the possibilities it offers, thanks to this highly exceptional property in today’s photovoltaic technology market!

Does the lightness of the ASCA® film offer your project a major advantage? To explain your project to us or ask any questions you may have, contact us now.

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