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Focus on the transparency of the ASCA® film

16/07/2019 Focus on

Capturing sunlight without losing its benefits!

Photovoltaic technologies generally have the drawback of capturing light without letting its pass through due to their opacity. Consequently, solarisation of glazing has not been possible up to now, whether for glass windows, greenhouses, conservatories or street furniture. What is the point of covering a transparent material with a solar panel that blocks out all of the light? But fortunately, new solar solutions are emerging that enable you to see right through, such as organic photovoltaic (OPV) films.

When do they need transparency

Maintaining the transparency of a surface is essential when you need to let light pass through to provide heat, visual comfort or to retain the aesthetics of a product. In the construction sector, maintaining luminosity is frequently an important criterion in ensuring a pleasant living space. From the exterior, maintaining transparency also retains the architectural qualities. Other applications have a vital need for sunlight in order to function effectively, such as greenhouses. Conversely, it is sometimes required to moderate light and heat, such as sunshades.

Transparency - ASCA® photovoltaic film

Regulate luminosity with ASCA® films

If you are seeking an adjustable shading solution in order to maintain an ideal temperature by absorbing sunlight, you should opt for a semi-transparent organic photovoltaic (OPV) technology. If, for example, you need to solarise a surface while maintaining maximum transparency, the ASCA® solar films can already offer 30% luminosity and will soon be able to double this capacity. The objective is to activate all glazed and transparent surfaces that are currently unexploited, as is the case in sectors such as construction, agriculture and street furniture.

If the semi-transparency of ASCA® solar films offers your project a whole new dimension, contact us to find out more and allow us, together, to examine the possibility of solarising your application.

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