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Off-Grid solar energy : A development catalyst!

27/11/2019 Focus on

Access to energy is a major issue that poses multiple challenges at the global level. Solutions currently exist to provide everyone with access to energy, without necessarily having to be connected to the traditional electricity grids.

Energy demand extends way beyond regions connected to the grid

In regions isolated from communication networks and subject to major geographical constraints (mountains, islands, offshore locations, deserts, etc.) it is more difficult and more costly to establish and maintain high-performance electricity grids. Yet energy is fundamental to being able to meet people’s energy requirements in terms of health, education, economic growth, etc.

In some cases, installing decentralized and stand-alone solar systems offers an effective solution perfectly adapted to the local constraints. Although it might be hard to believe that solutions can be plucked from the skies, the merits of turning to the sun, and notably innovative photovoltaic technologies such as the ASCA® flexible semi-transparent films, is self-evident.

Recharge your batteries without needing access to the mains supply!

By fitting electrical devices or installations with ASCA® organic solar films for example, recharging could not be easier. The energy simply produced through contact with sunlight is stored and then delivered without depending at any time on an electricity distribution network. This form of self-consumption offers economic, ecological and also practical benefits as it maintains your mobility, even in off-grid areas.

Greater independence thanks to the ASCA® photovoltaic modules!

Providing energy without depending on energy infrastructure is the promise held out by the ASCA® organic photovoltaic films. The ASCA® films offer numerous advantages compared to traditional solar panels, such as lightness, flexibility and thinness.

These benefits are especially important in regions where the quality of the electricity grid can be a brake on the development of energy infrastructure.

But it is also an advantage for all nomadic lifestyles and all situations where recharging your devices is virtually impossible. For example, high-mountain guides require access to energy wherever they may be. Similarly, military personnel, carers and volunteers working in disaster zones cannot perform their responsibilities without energy. Lastly, for certain outdoor sports it can be a major advantage to have access to an independent source of energy.

Solar Mobile System - ASCA®


An expert’s view – Adrien Ranchon

Adrien Ranchon, ASCA® Business Developer in Africa, based in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), explains to us the merits of having access to the ASCA® organic photovoltaic films in Africa:

What are the main challenges facing the development of solar energy in Africa?

In Africa, a growing number of countries have set an objective of using renewable energy within their energy mix, such as solar energy. Electrification of the continent calls for higher energy capacity, expansion of the electricity network and also the promotion of decentralized off-grid solar solutions.

Access to energy is rare in certain rural areas, and sometimes even in urban areas, unlike the sun which is omnipresent. The potential and the energy demands on the continent are considerable. Social and economic expansion in all African countries is a very real prospect, notably thanks to the development of renewable energy, especially photovoltaics.

What are the advantages of the ASCA® films in Africa?

Innovations of this type are raising the enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs and institutions I meet, and with which we are seeking to work in order to encourage the local manufacture of solar products incorporating the ASCA® technology. There are some fine projects on the drawing board and some interesting opportunities for technical and commercial partnerships, contributing to the creation of both jobs and added value throughout the continent.

Thanks to the ASCA® organic solar film technology, it is possible to cover all types of structure by exploiting the currently available space. Furthermore, Solar Mobile Systems such as chargers, bags and sheeting incorporating the ASCA® film provide access to energy in all locations when on the move. Easily stored away and transportable, they help to prevent theft, deterioration and climatic damage, making maintenance and other activities much more straightforward.

Solar Mobile System - ASCA®

In Africa, for example, they can even help to launch business opportunities for travelling salespeople, offering a paid phone recharging service in isolated rural areas. The solar charging kits with small rechargeable lamps enable children to continue their studies after school in the evenings. Generating energy in a mobile, innovative and sustainable way, wherever it may be needed, is the headline objective of the ASCA® organic photovoltaic films.

Does your project involve an off-grid installation or do you need your application to be energy self-sufficient in order to remain fully mobile? Are you looking for an ultra-light and flexible photovoltaic technology? Then contact us to discover all the benefits of the ASCA® films.

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