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OPV has more than one trick up its sleeve!

05/09/2019 Focus on

The connected objects we are increasingly using on a day-to-day basis have reinforced our dependence on energy for recharging them! Rather than connecting to the mains, it is now possible to turn to new solutions for producing the energy yourself using photovoltaic film, incorporated within bags or luggage, for example.

And what if the bags and luggage of tomorrow were connected, independent and of designer quality?

Connected watches and bracelets, connected speakers, smartphones… in the wave of all these intelligent objects currently pouring onto the market, why not also develop connected bags. Suitcases, satchels, handbags, backpacks, etc.: all these accessories can become intelligent and gain additional functionalities thanks to the ingenuity of the ASCA® photovoltaic films!

Recharge your batteries without needing access to the mains supply!

When you are in the open air or travelling, getting access to electricity to recharge your devices is a real challenge! And when a charging point is finally in sight, it is frequently descended upon and immobilizes the user until charging is complete. Incorporating ASCA® photovoltaic films into the accessories you carry around with you is the ideal solution for finally gaining your independence! Using solar bags guarantees your ability to produce renewable energy from an inexhaustible supply! Being lightweight and aesthetically discreet, with the ASCA® semi-transparent photovoltaic film you can recharge your devices without even being aware of it.

Sacs et chargeurs solaires nomades


OPV in bags and luggage offers an infinite source of innovation!

Incorporating organic photovoltaic (OPV) modules within bags and accessories presents an ideal opportunity to add very useful options that provide differentiation, while respecting the design qualities of the product. Adding an integrated power source offers numerous possibilities: our bags could, for example, include lighting effects, a geopositioning system or a USB port for recharging small connected accessories. It could also be used to light the inside of the bag!

Our latest developments in the field of solar bags

The ASCA® solar modules have already been used to develop multiple innovative projects: the latest to date is the solar handbag “Amazonia”, co-produced with the Brazilian start-up, Flying to the Sun. Solar beach bag prototypes have also been designed and a range of mobile bag and luggage products has also been developed for providing practical mobile charging solutions using the 100% renewable energy ASCA® photovoltaic films.

Marie Launay, ASCA® Business Developer for the ASCA® Mobility market, explains to us how a solar bag works

“The idea is to collect the solar energy to which our bags are exposed during our day-to-day activities. Discreetly added to the surface of the bag, therefore, are the ultra-light, flexible and aesthetic ASCA® photovoltaic films so the energy is stored in a powerbank. As soon as you need energy, you just plug your device into the powerbank and continue your journey – connected!”

Are you looking to add new functionalities to bags and luggage accessories? Do energy independence and the design qualities of your product represent decisive factors in the successful conclusion of your innovation project? Contact us to discover all the benefits of ASCA® films and take advantage of our expertise to elegantly and discreetly solarize your products!

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