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ARMOR works with UNESCO to support education in Togo

10/01/2019 Partnerships

ARMOR and UNESCO have signed a partnership agreement setting out the scope of their collaboration to support education in Togo. This partnership aims to distribute solar kits which use the ASCA® photovoltaic film, and to equip 212 schoolchildren in Akplolo (Togo) with rechargeable mobile lamps to enable them to study in the evening.

This project has already been tested in the same town last year with six schoolchildren at a primary school. Initial feedback showed significant improvements in school performance and greater facility for children to work after school. The partnership agreement will make it possible to extend this system to 212 schoolchildren. They will receive 65 Solar Set and 240 rechargeable and portable LED lamps.

The portable lamps are thus recharged by the Solar Sets, which, once opened, become solar chargers. Finally, the lamps will allow children to study in the evening, after dark.


In order to monitor the installation of the equipment, its maintenance and follow-up of the results, ARMOR and UNESCO will be assisted by the local association of the village of Akplolo, the GRAD, represented by Mr Alphonse Tay (former Director at UNESCO, in charge of educational programmes in Akplolo)

With the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film, ARMOR is continuing its commitment to provide widespread access to energy.

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