The partnership deepens between ARMOR and ELECTRICIENS SANS FRONTIERES

08/03/2018 Partnerships

One year ago, ARMOR and the charitable organisation Electriciens Sans Frontières made their partnership official. Their cooperation has just gained fresh impetus with volunteers now receiving mobile energy kits to come to the aid of populations deprived of electricity.

The charity benefits from financial support from ARMOR

Since 2017, ARMOR has been committed to paying more than 1 euro* to the charity for each product sold by the company’s Beautiful Light Factory (BLF). The transportable products developed under the ASCA® Mobility programme incorporate the ASCA® flexible and low carbon photovoltaic technology used to recharge electronic devices when on the move.

On 6 February this year, Hubert de Boisredon, the CEO of Armor, officially handed over to the Secretary-General of Electriciens Sans Frontières, Jean-Pierre Cerdan, a cheque for the amount collected via product sales in 2017. The results of this campaign will enable the equivalent of 7 classrooms to be lit for a full year, or 3 health centres over the same period.


A new project in Palestine sees the light of day

ARMOR’s commitment to Electriciens Sans Frontières is being strengthened via a new education project in Palestine. Two mobile energy kits composed of a solar charger and a lamp have been made available to the teachers and pupils at Al Ka’Abneh school near Jericho.

The purpose of this pilot operation is to demonstrate the advantages of mobile products incorporating photovoltaic film, enabling an abundant and inexhaustible resource such as solar energy to be exploited in areas where access to energy is unfortunately still a luxury. The experiment enables a lamp to be charged throughout the day and it is subsequently taken home to provide light during the evening, benefiting the whole family and enabling children to do their homework.

“The experiment in this school in a Bedouin village deprived of electricity demonstrates the need to offer innovative solutions to support the education of children and improve the living conditions of local families” stresses Jean-Yves Retière, the representative of Electriciens Sans Frontières for the Pays de la Loire region.

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