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The ASCA® mountain bike adventure

09/12/2019 Partnerships

A few months ago, the mountain guide Simon DENIEL set out on a wild adventure. His objective: to cross the Alps and Pyrenees by mountain bike, setting off from Ljubljana in Slovenia, heading for Hendaye, France. His luggage included 2 solar charger prototypes incorporating ASCA® OPV modules to recharge his electronic devices.

110km per day at a net climb of 2,300 meters

In early August 2019, Simon DENIEL commenced this solo sporting challenge from Ljubljana, taking with him just 4kg of equipment: clothing, electronic devices and provisions.

The first part of the itinerary took 15 days: destination Nice passing through the Italian and then the Swiss Alps. The connection between Nice (after the Alps) and Montpellier (start of the Pyrenees) was completed by road bike. Simon then switched back to mountain bike for the second stage of the journey, across the Pyrenees to Hendaye.

In total, Simon covered 2,600km by mountain bike in just 28 days, averaging 110km per day at a net climb of 2,300 meters and 10 to 12 hours cycling each day by road, track and path.

Solar charger Mountain bike

Two ASCA® prototypes in his luggage

To cater for his energy requirements during the adventure, Simon DENIEL took with him two solar charger prototypes incorporating ASCA® organic photovoltaic modules. A first prototype was fixed to the handlebars of his bike and the second covered his backpack.

“Thanks to the energy produced by the ASCA® organic photovoltaic films, stored in the powerbanks, I was able to prolong the operating time of my electronic devices, namely my smartphone, GPS tracker and front light.

Halfway through the day my phone battery was often virtually flat, so I was able to connect the powerbanks to my GPS and use it until nightfall. What’s more, the mountain hosts don’t always provide charging points. This is when the ASCA® modules really showed their true worth.

The ASCA® modules are also very lightweight. On such a long journey, every gram counts.”

Photovoltaic - High mountain

Two years of testing worldwide

This collaboration between Simon DENIEL and ARMOR is nothing new. Simon has in fact already tested the ASCA® prototypes in a variety of environments:

  • Journey across the USA by bike;
  • High-mountain bivouac;
  • Medium altitude trek;

His feedback and testing in the field have led to improvements in the ASCA® technology, adapting it to the specific demands of mountain professionals.

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