The origin of ASCA®

Where does the name given to the ASCA® photovoltaic films come from? Its origin is linked to the resources provided by the Earth, inspired by those before us who learnt how to exploit its potential without stripping it bare.

The Nazca Lines discovered in the Peruvian desert

The ASCA® brand draws inspiration from the Nazca Lines, one of the last archaeological mysteries yet to be explained. Created two thousand years ago in the Peruvian desert, these lines form shapes that are only visible from the sky.

The aesthetics and perfect integration of these shapes have turned the region into a place of wonder, designated in 1994 as a World Heritage Site.

Like the Nazca Lines, ASCA® is a discreet footprint placed on the surface of the Earth.
Like the Nazca Lines, ASCA® sets out the force lines for visionary energy solutions, the pertinence and coherence of which will be gradually revealed over time. As with all innovative processes, 80% of the applications that will incorporate ASCA® do not yet exist.