Our partners

ASCA® was born out of a major research and innovation effort bringing together the combined energy of the world of science and manufacturing, both nationally and internationally.

ARMOR’s creation of ASCA® exploits the expertise of many partners of world renown

Research institutes such as CEA-Ines and CNRS-IMS, and manufacturers such as Cambrios Advanced Materials in the USA, Merck KGaA  in Germany and AMCOR in France provide ARMOR with the necessary know-how to underpin the ASCA® conception.

Raw materials are sourced from market leading companies such as Merck KGaA and Cambrios.

Formulation development exploits the R&D expertise IMS.


The ASCA® SOLUTIONS LAB surrounds itself with complementary talents

The ASCA® SOLUTIONS LAB is the multi-disciplinary team responsible for providing you with project support. It exploits the experience of specialist partners that enable us to effectively support our customers at all project phases should they so wish, from prototyping to industrialisation.

For example, many leather goods have been developed with the help of experienced professionals in the industrial textiles sector.


« Cambrios Advanced Materials ( has been the leading developer and mass-production supplier of silver nano wire technology for transparent conductors.   With our materials, R2R coating know how, customer-focus and customer-specific application development expertise we have been supplying and assisting Armor / ASCA® to develop its technology with fully solution-processible front and/or back electrodes. This will allow to mass-manufacture formable and flexible ASCA® modules with improved performance and for a wide range of novel applications.  

Our work with Armor has shown that a close materials supply and application development partnership with mutual trust and commitment can greatly benefit, speed up and is even necessary for the market-introduction of novel materials and device technologies such as in Armor’s ASCA© program.”   Karl Pichler


What’s your expertise brought to ASCA®?

The CEA Tech/Liten, Innovative Laboratory for technologies of new energies and nanomaterials is a major actor in research, development and innovation meeting strategic and industrial challenges in France. The solar department on the INES campus in Chambéry is specialized in innovative solar technologies.

ASCA® is a photovoltaic technology based on the integration of organic components. It’s an innovative technology with great potential for an infinity of new industrial applications. Our know-how and expertise in materials and organic photovoltaic sectors contributed not only to determine best process conditions but also to identify the most efficient materials and, lastly, to improve cells encapsulation.

What do you draw from your ARMOR partnership?

We are very happy and proud to support ARMOR french company over the past 7 years in this approach of innovation and performance. This partnership is in line with ARMOR long-term strategic vision to diversify its activities into photovoltaic film and renewable energies. Interview by Solenn Berson, in charge of the Organic Laboratory & Anis Jouini, head of Solar technologies department at CEA Tech/Liten (INES in Bourget du Lac).


“At the University of Bordeaux, our IMS laboratory team (CNRS UMR 5218) has enjoyed recognised expertise in the manufacture, characterisation and understanding of organic solar photovoltaic cells for more than 10 years. For a number of years now we have been regularly offering our expertise to ASCA®, to help them refine their choice of materials, the engineering of the structures and their understanding of the mechanisms that limit photovoltaic conversion in the industrial ASCA® modules. The objective is to continually improve photovoltaic performance levels to enable the deployment of ASCA® products.

It is very rewarding to be able to work with and for ASCA®. It exists a certain “electricity” between the academic researchers and the ASCA® engineers and our exchanges are always mutually rewarding. The ASCA® photovoltaic electricity project has worthy objectives. The research and development work is very applied in nature. Combining leading edge university techniques with an industrial product is fascinating. Contributing to the ASCA® project and turning it into a significant industrial reality is very exciting and stimulating. Our scientific field is constantly developing and we are determined to enable ASCA® to remain in the vanguard.” Guillaume Wantz, researcher at Laboratoire IMS


“Our role is to realise our customers’ creations and reproduce them on an industrial scale. I think what prompted ARMOR to work with us is first of all our responsiveness and proximity, but perhaps also our receptiveness to new ideas. These are shared values that have certainly led to the success of many of their fine projects. What we appreciate the most when we work with ARMOR personnel is:  their open-minded attitude combined with their approachability and the vision of the future they offer us. We learn from each other and our exchanges are always highly rewarding.” Sophie PINEAU, CEO of Getex