Our partners

ASCA® was born out of a major research and innovation effort bringing together the combined energy of the world of science and manufacturing, both nationally and internationally.

ARMOR’s creation of ASCA® exploits the expertise of many partners of world renown

Research institutes such as CEA-Ines and CNRS-IMS, and manufacturers such as Cambrios Advanced Materials in the USA, Merck KGaA  in Germany and AMCOR in France provide ARMOR with the necessary know-how to underpin the ASCA® conception.

Raw materials are sourced from market leading companies such as Merck KGaA and Cambrios.

Formulation development exploits the R&D expertise IMS.


The ASCA® SOLUTIONS LAB surrounds itself with complementary talents

The ASCA® SOLUTIONS LAB is the multi-disciplinary team responsible for providing you with project support. It exploits the experience of specialist partners that enable us to effectively support our customers at all project phases should they so wish, from prototyping to industrialisation.

For example, many leather goods have been developed with the help of experienced professionals in the industrial textiles sector.