An industrial challenge

In 2010, ARMOR took up a significant industrial challenge: using its know-how to the benefit of energy transition by producing at industrial scale in France a semi-transparent, flexible and ultra-thin photovoltaic film with unique properties and a minimum environmental impact.

The ASCA® film, a third millenium energy

This new industrial challenge is close to the heart of ARMOR, namely: to provide an answer to one of the major challenges of the start of the millenium.

The dwindling reserves of fossil fuels is an opportunity for all manufacturers to think differently about access to energy. In order for the economy and human activities to continue to develop without depleting the earth resources, ARMOR has chosen to turn to the sun to offer a source of renewable energy as an alternative to other forms of energy: Organic Photovoltaic Films.



«French, innovative, eco-responsible and 100% recoverable »

The ASCA® film, a French photovoltaic solution

The ASCA® OPV film is the photovoltaic solution conceived and produced on an industrial scale in France by the global market leader in coating formulations for thin films, ARMOR.

The ASCA® film has the capacity to meet the requirements of all sectors where sustainable innovation is at the heart of their development. With ASCA®, ARMOR is offering a French, innovative, eco-responsable and 100% recoverable photovoltaic technology.

The ASCA® film is a booster of innovative ideas

The ASCA® film is therefore opening up new frontiers and is acting as a catalyst for companies  in search of sustainable and accessible solutions to meet tomorrow energy challenges.

Since the beginning of production in 2016, ASCA® offers all industrial companies the ability to produce an infinite number of new energy-independent applications while protecting the aesthetics and design qualities of the products.

« ARMOR is pursuing the 7th global sustainable development goals of the UN »

The ASCA® film is a sustainable photovoltaic solution

Produced by a low-carbon process, ARMOR has selected all components with the utmost care by excluding all rare, toxic and carcinogenic materials.

From raw material selection to the production process, every supplier and partner involved in the design and manufacture of the ASCA® film has been carefully chosen by ARMOR.

ARMOR© is pursuing the 7th global sustainable development goals of the UN by guaranteeing access by everyone to sustainable energy thanks to the ASCA® OPV film.