ASCA® City

ASCA® City

Solar street furniture installed at King Abdullah University…

15 January 2020

Discover the new solar street furniture installed at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). It is powered by the ASCA® organic photovoltaic.

ASCA® City

The “Nuage” – innovative street furniture in Nantes

20 September 2019

The nuage is a innovative street furniture allowing to analyse air quality, fully energy self-sufficient thanks to the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film.

ASCA® City

ASCA® film exhibited at Dubai Innovation Week

27 February 2019

As part of Dubai’s Innovation Week, ASCA® film supplies power to the "IoTree" concept. This project, led by Dubai Media Inc, aims to provide intelligent and sustainable solutions to energy production while using natural resources and innovative technologies.

ASCA® City

Autonomous urban beacons as an option to energy…

24 January 2018

TMC Innovation & ARMOR imagine a new concept of warning lights for cities to reduce their energy consumption.

ASCA® City

New interactive solar-powered street furniture concept

25 December 2017

ASCA® & JCDecaux have been partners to develop a new self-powered street furniture concept. It's a new generation of billboards working with solar energy thanks to ASCA® photovoltaic film. This new concept was presented for the first time in Caen, France in January 2017.

ASCA® City

The Bench 3.0

23 November 2017

The Bench 3.0 is a new independant street furniture. A collaborative effort between several actors of the region Pays de la Loire, we wanted to respond to the adjustable issue. This bench, besides its aestheticism and its high-quality materials, offers, thanks to photovoltaic film ASCA®, a lighting and the possibility to load your electronic devices.

ASCA® City

Solar Spline: Lightweight architectural construction uses printed organic…

06 September 2017

The "Solar Spline" is a design and light project, allowing the generation of electricity and provide shade under the structure.

ASCA® City

OPV Solartree®

02 August 2017

The OPV Solartree® is a unique design installation - inspired by nature. It shows how flexible and aesthetically attractive organic photovoltaic is, compared to classical photovoltaic.