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Solar street furniture installed at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

15/01/2020 ASCA® City

Located in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) notably specializes in study and research focusing on organic photovoltaics. It has been working in close collaboration with ARMOR for many years now.

Installed in the open air on the university’s campus, this prototype of unusual form demonstrates the merits of the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film in making street furniture energy self-sufficient, while able to mould itself to a curved structure.

Mobilier urbain solaire éclairé

Innovative and multi-functional street furniture

Designed by the ASCA® Solutions Lab in collaboration with the companies Métalobil and Libre Energie, both based in Nantes, this 2.1m diameter prototype is in the form of a spiral. It has also been designed to connect with other identical street furniture to create a structure similar to that of a tunnel.

In order to solarize the creation, six ASCA® photovoltaic modules of 17cm and 32cm in width are incorporated between the various aluminum strips of which the structure is composed, meeting the aesthetic constraints of the designer. The installation is then protected by thin sheets of polycarbonate. The energy produced is stored in the battery located under the seat.

To meet lighting requirements as night falls, the ASCA® film is also used as a sensor. As soon as the light level falls below a certain threshold, an electrical signal is transmitted and activates the LEDs incorporated within the structure.

Mobilier urbain solaire

A place to relax and recharge

Designed as a haven of rest, this prototype can accommodate two people. One is able to stretch out, the other to lean back. They can also take advantage of the halo of light emitted by the LEDs during nightfall in order to read, surf the web or simply to chat.

With a USB port under the seat protected by a cover, this piece of street furniture will also enable the university students to recharge their smartphones and any other 5V electronic devices.
In order to track and monitor the performance of the system, and be able to react to any malfunction, the street furniture is also connected and transmits all the energy data to the ASCA® team and to the university.

This concept was created by the ASCA® Solutions Lab, the design department dedicated to developing your projects.

Choosing ASCA® also offers you a range of services, from simply supplying ASCA® film to the complete management of its integration into your application or product, from the design phase to the manufacturing process.

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