The “Nuage” – innovative street furniture in Nantes

20/09/2019 ASCA® City

The fruit of a project conducted by the company Design9 in partnership with Armor, Samoa, K Sculpture and VSConnect, this innovative street furniture developed as part of the Nantes CityLab initiative was installed on 18 September 2019 in the Ile-de-Nantes district.

Both an air quality and a pollen level indicator

The principal objective of the cloud is to inform the public, indicating the air quality by changing its color. As the Nuage does not contain any sensors, the data is communicated to it by Air Pays de la Loire (an approved association that monitors air quality) and supplemented by local measurements obtained from micro-sensors managed by a local company, Atmotrack.

The color of the cloud therefore changes in accordance with the data it receives, passing from blue (excellent air quality) through to green (average air quality) and to red (poor air quality).

On the side of the structure, this street furniture also indicates the pollen level in the air via a graduated scale from 1 to 5.

Nuage - Air quality Nantes

Fully energy self-sufficient street furniture thanks to the ASCA® film

In order to meet the specific demands of this project, namely electricity production and the ability to adapt to the design of the structure, the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film is the ideal choice thanks to its flexibility. The ASCA® film modules are fixed to the cloud structure, adapting to its curved contours. The energy produced is stored in a battery located inside the structure.

The presence of four 30cm-wide ASCA® modules covering a total surface area of 2m² provide the various functionalities of the Nuage with the energy they need:

  • Data collection and analysis;
  • Lighting for the cloud and the graduated scale;

This solar street furniture perfectly represents our times by offering completely original functionalities. It also demonstrates the ability of the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film to aesthetically meet the energy demands of the connected city, thanks to its flexibility and lightness. For further information, go to ASCA® City.

This concept was created in partnership with the ASCA® Solutions Lab, the design department dedicated to developing your projects.

Choosing ASCA® also offers you a range of services, from simply supplying ASCA® film to the complete management of its integration into your application or product, from the design phase to the manufacturing process.

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