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26/01/2018 ASCA® Mobility


Designed and marketed by the Beautiful Light Factory, these customisable corporate gifts are both useful and responsible, providing their recipients with a preview of a practical example of independent energy that is becoming so vital in the modern world.

In January 2017, Beautiful Light Factory also signed an agreement with Electriciens sans frontières (Electricians without Borders), a partnership that is a fitting example of the group’s responsible approach and underlines its shared objective with this NGO to provide maximum access to solar energy.  

Recharge your batteries and stay mobile!


Who hasn’t had a flat battery? Missed a call? Had their phone conversation suddenly cut off during a business or personal trip? The Beautiful Light Factory offers a solution to such inconvenient situations with its range of lightweight, useful and innovative products incorporating all the qualities of independent access to energy provided by the ASCA® technology. These customisable products offer users the assurance of having permanent access to a source of renewable energy, enabling them to stay connected throughout the day.

Innovative solar technology within arm’s reach

Of innovative and sustainable design, all the products in the range are fitted with ASCA® photovoltaic film, the new eco-responsible and low-carbon energy material designed and produced in France by the ARMOR group. They have the double advantage of being useful accessories, associating the brands that use them with the image benefits of solar energy, while enabling users to experience the new photovoltaic technology of the future.




 The responsible business gift – an effective means of communication

Beautiful Light Factory products mean more than just advertising to those looking for something out of the ordinary. They are corporate gifts with real meaning: the ARMOR group undertakes to donate more than one euro* per product sold to Electriciens sans frontières. The money generated will support the work of ESF around the globe to meet the essential needs of isolated communities via projects to provide access to electricity and water.



ARMOR commercialize three innovative brand image products including flexible photovoltaics films ASCA® : the Solar Bag Pro, the Solar Set Pro and the Solar Pocket Pro.

You can order these new business gifts directly on Beautiful Light Factory website. 

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