The Filo², a compact and rollable solar charger

13/12/2018 ASCA® Mobility

Discover the latest concept of solar chargers designed by ASCA® Solutions Lab, this prototype can be a source of inspiration for your projects!

An “all-terrain” solar charger

Hiking for several days, in the middle of a park or just far from a power outlet, who has not dreamed of being able to recharge his favorite electronic device at any time?

Rollable solar charger

To meet this need, the ASCA® Solutions Lab, the department fully dedicated to project design and support, has developed this new concept of nomadic solar charger: the Filo².

The sun as the sole source of energy

Thanks to the organic photovoltaic film ASCA®, the sun’s rays are captured, transformed into electricity, and finally stored into the battery of the Filo².

This prototype is perfect for charging all electronic devices: smartphone (Iphone / Android), GPS, camera, or laptop.

Rechargement téléphone dans un parc

Lightweight and easily transportable

Ultra-light, compact and rollable, this concept of solar charger answers particularly well to the needs of mobility.

It takes full advantage of the fineness and flexibility of the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film and can easily fit in a handbag or a backpack.

This concept was realized by the ASCA® Solutions Lab in order to discover a concrete application of the organic photovoltaic film ASCA®.

When you choose ASCA®, you also have the choice between different services from the ideation phase to industrialization.

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