ASCA® Sensor

ASCA® Sensor

Pian’OPV, the piano that can detect light variations

23 April 2019

One of the particular features of the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film, in addition to its ability to produce electricity, is its capacity to detect light variations, and therefore to act as a sensor. Discover our Pian'OPV!

ASCA® Sensor

Autogami, when the car becomes solar powered!

25 March 2019

And what if tomorrow our ordinary cars were powered by the sun's energy? Even if this is not yet the case, Litogami unveils its latest concept: a miniature car featuring ASCA® organic photovoltaic film.

ASCA® Sensor

Illumanited cards CITIGAMI powered by ASCA®

24 January 2018

The Effeil Tower sparkles thanks to the solar film ASCA®. Litogami conceived a new range of fun and luminous cards called Citigami owing to the fact that big cities are represented. These cards equiped with diodes, sparkle with the photovoltaic ASCA®.