Illumanited cards CITIGAMI powered by ASCA®

24/01/2018 ASCA® Sensor

Litogami, french company based in Paris, is specialized in fun and green items conception.

Marc Lebas, founder of Litogami, created in 2017 a new range of illuminated cards supplied by solar energy named “Citigami”.  This collection poetic, playful, educative and decorative include the last ARMOR’s photovoltaic film called ASCA®. These cards sparkle when a light source is close thanks to the very light and flexible solar film ASCA®.

With ARMOR and its innovative ASCA® material, LITOGAMI has found the ideal partner to create a luminous photovoltaic card without batteries, providing a harmonious balance between technology, aesthetics and sustainable development”, declares Marc Lebas, the founder of LITOGAMI.

Assemble this object oneself, to make a gift to someone or to buy for yourself, these cards will provoke instantly children and adults amazement.

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