The nursing home, “Les églantines”, just installed Dalkia’s smart lighting services solution

05/07/2021 ASCA® Sensor

The nursing home, Les Églantines, located in the west of France, chose Dalkia’s Smart Lighting Services, the intelligent lighting solution developed by Dalkia, to accelerate its energy and digital transition. The health facility replaced its former lighting system with more efficient LED lights, which acts in parallel as a communication network. Thanks to Voice on Light® or VoL® technology developed by LiFiNEO, the network will transmit medical information to smart badges equipped with ASCA® organic light sensors, designed and produced by ARMOR solar power films.

Dalkia’s smart lighting solution is built on the latest generation of LiFi technology and offers innovative new services to its users. Thanks to VoL® technology, patented by LiFiNEO in 2020, the lighting system is used to transmit information via light. Healthcare staff can, instantly and securely, retrieve the medical information, thanks to light spots that communicate with electronic badges, equipped with organic photovoltaic (OPV) ASCA® sensors from ARMOR solar power films, that can read the transmitted information. The badges also have accelerometers that can detect falls or accidents, allowing nearby personnel to quickly react. This communication network is non-intrusive and non-invasive.

Furthermore, with the introduction of LED light bulbs, the care facility will reduce its lighting-related electrical consumption by up to 80%, since this new system adapts to natural light.

“Given the potential of this technology, we said yes with our eyes closed! This device will allow us to enhance the comfort and safety of residents, by using light paths and adaptive lighting. It also makes the daily lives of the caregivers easier and allows them to spend more time with the residents.” Anthony Latouche, General Director, Les Églantines.

“We look forward to seeing how much Dalkia’s Smart Lighting Services will improve the comfort of the residents and the effectiveness of the healthcare staff. In addition to the services, it offers to users in the healthcare sector, this solution can enhance energy, economic and environmental performance for our customers.” Bruno Moras, Regional Director, Dalkia-Central West region

“Combining our ASCA® OPV sensor with LiFi smart lighting perfectly reflects our desire to create an innovative ecosystem that enables the development of diverse solutions for society as a whole.” John Fiske, Business Development Manager, ARMOR solar power films.

“This achievement at Les Églantines demonstrates how VoL® truly is a groundbreaking technology, capable of giving life to new, secure and intelligent communication networks that can be connected to all digital, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly objects.” Cyril Thiriot, President, LiFiNEO.

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