ASCA® Structures

ASCA® Structures

A new solar project installed at La Fabrique, in Le Mans

18 October 2019

A new solar project using ASCA® BAPV organic photovoltaic technology was inaugurated in La Fabrique in the city of Le Mans.

ASCA® Structures

Greenhouses fitted with the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film

11 July 2019

Within the framework of a partnership with Eiffage Energie Systèmes, Les Maraichers Nantais and Groupe Olivier, ASCA® photovoltaic films have been deployed at industrial greenhouses located near Nantes.

ASCA® Structures

The ASCA® film stuck on a metal totem pole as part of The Good Day, organized by Engie

24 June 2019

The ASCA® technology used as part of "The Good Day" by Engie. An effective and practical solution for charging your smartphones.