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A new solar project installed at La Fabrique, in Le Mans

18/10/2019 ASCA® Structures

On 17 October, the metropolitan council of Le Mans unveiled “La Fabrique, Rêves de ville“, in an industrial building dating back to 1936 located on Boulevard Anatole-France. This building, completely repurposed from its initial use, will now host certain of the city’s development projects and a new solar installation using the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film.

A location dedicated to development projects and the sharing of information

La Fabrique will therefore enable visitors, both companies and the general public, to find out how Le Mans is transforming itself through the major public and private sector architectural projects being conducted over the coming years.

As the premises have also been redesigned to bring people together, it will host exhibitions in association with the Academy of Fine Arts, architects and the CAUE architecture and environment commission.

Lastly, La Fabrique will also be the venue for presenting innovative technologies in the construction sector.

Façade - La Fabrique Le Mans

ASCA® organic photovoltaic film selected to solarize the western facade

Within the context of transforming this building, and in order to promote an innovative technology, the city council of Le Mans selected ARMOR to find solutions to 2 distinct challenges:

  • Solarization of the western facade, providing additional green energy;
  • Provide shading for the same facade by reducing the sun’s impact inside the building.

The ARMOR teams came up with a design composed of modules “ready-to-stick” fixed directly onto glazed areas. 8 modules were therefore fixed to a glass window on the facade, covering a total surface area of 4m². Installation and electrical works were carried out by Climatelec, a subsidiary of Dalkia.

The energy produced by the installation is consumed by the building’s electrical systems and will power up to 8 LED lightings.

The shading function has been made possible by the semi-transparency of the ASCA® films, in this case reaching 20%.

ASCA® film - La Fabrique, Le Mans

A national first

It is the first demonstration in the country on a public building exploiting the 3rd generation of cells based on organic polymers and their solar filtering properties thanks to their semi-transparency.

Financed by the regional council and the city council of Le Mans, this installation is testament to the desire among local authorities to support the strategic industries producing new energy systems, of which ARMOR is part.

This demonstrator will contribute to the development of “ready-to-stick” modules for glazed areas, with certifications scheduled to be obtained during 2020.

To find out about all the possibilities for buildings offered by the ASCA® photovoltaic films, go to ASCA® Structures.

This project was created in partnership with the ASCA® Solutions Lab, the design department dedicated to developing your projects.

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