Bannière totem métallique


The ASCA® film stuck on a metal totem pole as part of The Good Day, organized by Engie

24/06/2019 ASCA® Structures

Launched by ENGIE, in its first year, held on 20 June 2019 at Saint-Cloud park in Paris, The Good Day is an event designed to bring together key players in energy transition and promote tangible and reproducible solutions for a zero-carbon world.

Presented as part of the day’s events, the ASCA® technology is based on a low-carbon process free of rare and toxic components and was also used to create a demonstration model.

A recharging station powered by solar energy

The recharging station powered by solar energy has been designed to raise public awareness of innovative photovoltaic technologies, which includes organic photovoltaics (OPV).

Composed of 5 ASCA® photovoltaic modules (2.2m long and 30cm wide) affixed to a metal totem pole, this installation uses green energy to power a battery located inside the structure.

The stored energy is then accessible via sockets located in the sides, enabling visitors to recharge their phones and computers..

Piano photovoltaïque

A flexible and easily reusable installation

Installed in just a few hours by ENGIE CoverSolar personnel, this prototype was again demonstrating the ease of installation of ASCA® photovoltaic films: both lightweight and flexible, they easily adapt to all surfaces and situations.

This modular installation can also be simply dismantled and reused for other events.


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