ASCA®’s projects truly defines what’s ASCA® is : the new ultra-thin photovoltaic film. Thanks to prestigious partnerships, we are proud to present you the projects where we can find the solar film. IoT, Home automation, transports and buildings are examples of ASCA® applications aeras. These new photovoltaics films contribute to the tomorrow’s world.

ASCA® Mobility

The solar beach bag

18 July 2018

The ASCA® team conceived a new prototype of solar beach bag dressed by the ultra-thin and flexible photovoltaic film ASCA®.

ASCA® Transports

ASCA® enters the world of solar sailing!

25 June 2018

Afin de faire connaître son innovation technologique photovoltaïque ASCA®, le groupe ARMOR et l'IUT de Nantes ont collaboré pour créer une voile entièrement solaire permettant d'alimenter un système de gouverne.

ASCA® Mobility

ASCA® won the ENGIE Innovation call for proposals by deploying a solar mobile station to recharge smartphones at Roland Garros

17 May 2018

You are at Roland Garros and your mobile phone battery is flat? Make your way to the mobile photovoltaic station developed by Engie Innovation equipped with ASCA® solar film.

ASCA® Mobility

An organic handbag incorporating the ASCA® photovoltaic film.

08 March 2018

Flying to the Sun and ARMOR produce a new solar bag, 100% recoverable and equipped with two ASCA® ultra-thin photovoltaic films.

ASCA® Mobility

Beautiful Light Factory – Sustainable business gifts

26 January 2018

Beautiful Light Factory is a new range of business gifts integrating ASCA®photovoltaic technology. 3 solar products have been conceived : the Solar Bag Pro, the Solar Set Pro and the Solar Pocket Pro.

ASCA® City

Autonomous urban beacons as an option to energy consuming street lightings

24 January 2018

TMC Innovation & ARMOR imagine a new concept of warning lights for cities to reduce their energy consumption.

ASCA® Sensor

Illumanited cards CITIGAMI powered by ASCA®

24 January 2018

The Effeil Tower sparkles thanks to the solar film ASCA®. Litogami conceived a new range of fun and luminous cards called Citigami owing to the fact that big cities are represented. These cards equiped with diodes, sparkle with the photovoltaic ASCA®.

ASCA® City

New interactive solar-powered street furniture concept

25 December 2017

ASCA® & JCDecaux have been partners to develop a new self-powered street furniture concept. It's a new generation of billboards working with solar energy thanks to ASCA® photovoltaic film. This new concept was presented for the first time in Caen, France in January 2017.

ASCA® City

The Bench 3.0

23 November 2017

The Bench 3.0 is a new independant street furniture. A collaborative effort between several actors of the region Pays de la Loire, we wanted to respond to the adjustable issue. This bench, besides its aestheticism and its high-quality materials, offers, thanks to photovoltaic film ASCA®, a lighting and the possibility to load your electronic devices.