The ASCA® film, the most obvious applications

Thanks to its fineness, flexibility and light weight, the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film is a revolutionary product that adapts to an infinity of applications.

Its essential features allow it to be deployed on any surface, flat or curved. The 3rd generation ASCA® solar film can bring autonomy to your application. We offer a range of application areas on which the photovoltaic film fits perfectly.

ASCA® Structures

ASCA® Structures covers construction, temporary architecture and solar greenhouses. The ASCA® photovoltaic films can be added to expansive flat or curved surfaces.

ASCA® City

Photovoltaic film ASCA® responds especially well to SmartCity issues. Thanks to its unique properties (lightness, fineness, flexibility and transparency), its fits perfectly in urban environment.

ASCA® Mobility

To respond to mobility needs while your business trips, during your leisure time or to bring a response to emergencies, ASCA® photovoltaic film have been integrated in mobile accessories in order to bring you the energy you need.

ASCA® Sensor

The light sensitivity of our photovoltaic film ASCA® is so subtle that ASCA® can act as a sensor as well as a power generator. The solar film can receive an information delivered by the light like for instance, to detect the lighting level, to detect movements and/or geo-tracking. Discover ASCA® Sensor!

ASCA® Transports

ASCA® solar films are so thin and flexible that it can fit easily in all type of transports in order to make a part of vehicles self-sufficient. Make the city of tomorrow more autonomous and less energy consuming is the objective of ASCA® photovoltaics films.

ASCA® Explorer

ASCA® Explorer includes all applications outside the 5 main categories presented. Everything is possible with the ultra-thin & semi-transparent photovoltaic film ASCA®. With ASCA® Explorer, let your imagination run wild