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The ASCA® film, the most obvious applications

ASCA® Explorer

Let your imagination run wild

ASCA® Explorer includes all applications outside the 5 main categories presented. Everything is possible with the ultra-thin & semi-transparent photovoltaic film ASCA®. With ASCA® Explorer, let your imagination run wild

What if the ASCA® film was incorporated into a multitude of different applications?

ASCA® films boost their usefulness by being integrated within an endless number of applications: decorative and recreational objects, sound and light emitting toys, clocks, watches, clothing, shoes, indoor/outdoor furniture, sports accessories, military equipment and aerospace materials.

Consumers expect their purchases to be relevant and to meet their needs. Among all the innovations participating in building the products of tomorrow, it is in your interest and that of the planet to offer different, innovative and responsible products right now.

By incorporating photovoltaic film, apart from the satisfaction you provide via this new power source from renewable energy, you are also able to improve your products by making existing (or additional) functionalities energy independent, thanks to the properties of ASCA® OPV film.

By favouring the use of solar energy, you reduce the carbon footprint of your products while spreading an innovative, virtuous and responsible technology, designed and manufactured in France.

The ASCA® film can enable you to provide illumination and connectivity for all sorts of applications, transforming everyday objects: the list of products that can be improved or created using photovoltaic film is endless!

By incorporating ASCA® OPV films within any of this multitude of applications, you are able to:

  • Add a source of independently powered and responsible light or sound, without the need for batteries
  • Provide a new functionality so that, in addition to its primary function, your application can also become an electrical charging point or an access point for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB to connect a variety of devices.

With ASCA® photovoltaic films, you can also dream up new objects and/or uses for a wide range of applications. The ASCA® film and the team at your disposal at the ASCA® Solutions Lab can act as a creative catalyst in support of your innovation projects!

Is the ASCA® film suitable for my needs?

Thanks to its thinness and flexibility, the ASCA® film is the ideal solution for exploiting solar energy, even for lightweight or fragile applications and those with unusual curves and design.

Are you seeking to add a photovoltaic solution to your application but fear that the weight of the modules will prevent their integration?

If produced in the same size as an A4 sheet of paper, the ASCA® film weighs just 30 grams!

Are you looking for a photovoltaic solution with aesthetic qualities?

The ASCA® film is a highly discreet and decorative photovoltaic thanks to its thinness and semi-transparency.

Are you looking for a photovoltaic film that fits in seamlessly with your design?

The ASCA® film can adapt to the curves of your product without difficulty, thanks to its flexibility. It can be rolled up or folded without detracting from its performance.

Do you wish to power any small innovative functionalities in an ecological and practical manner without the need for batteries?

The ASCA® film is the ideal solution to make your application as practical and energy independent as possible. Its energy independence avoids the need for batteries, representing a gain in terms of cost for the user and also reducing the overall weight of your product.

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Examples of applications: lamps, control panels, speakers, alarm clocks, mirrors, reading lights, PC mice, wireless keyboards, clocks, essential oil diffusers, pilot lights, flower pots, desks, wardrobes, tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas, rugs, umbrellas, deckchairs, swings, board games, interactive toys, early learning toys… and a whole range of other existing objects or those yet to be invented!