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ASCA® Sensor

IoT - Home automation - Li-Fi

The light sensitivity of our photovoltaic film ASCA® is so subtle that ASCA® can act as a sensor as well as a power generator. The solar film can receive an information delivered by the light like for instance, to detect the lighting level, to detect movements and/or geo-tracking. Discover ASCA® Sensor!

What can ASCA® offer home automation equipment and sensors?

By adding ASCA® photovoltaic films, you can make the various connected systems that you design energy independent. All home and building automation systems need an in-built source of energy for ease of installation and utilisation. When battery-free, wireless and not needing to be connected to the electricity supply, your connected equipment gains versatility in all areas!

Is ASCA® suitable for my needs?

Thanks to its flexibility and lightness, ASCA® is the ideal photovoltaic solution for equipping devices and systems when the volume, surface or weight do not always lend themselves to the incorporation of heavier and less flexible solar technologies.

Do you want energy independence for your sensors or home automation devices subjected to exterior climatic conditions?

ASCA® is the solution you are looking for! The thinness of the photovoltaic modules is only equalled by their robustness: the films are resistant to a multitude of meteorological events (such as intense heat or hailstones).

Solar photovoltaic motion sensor

Do you want to use our technology while maintaining the design qualities of your equipment?

ASCA® has the special feature of being adaptable to the lines of all design forms: no need for a smooth or flat surface to incorporate films as flexible as these. All the design features of your products are maintained with perfect integration of the photovoltaic modules.

Do you wish to solarise your product but have limited surface area or an unusual shape?

Irrespective of the surface area or shape to which you wish to add photovoltaic modules, ASCA® stands out thanks to its ultimate adaptability. The photovoltaic films are designed and assembled to order, ensuring your requirements are met in full.

Solar photovoltaic alarm

Do you want to equip your devices with photovoltaic film without adding extra weight?

ASCA® is a very lightweight photovoltaic technology thanks to its extreme thinness and the nature of its components: you will retain the full compactness and portability of your system. The presence of photovoltaic film has very little impact on the final weight of applications into which they are incorporated.

Do you want to make objects energy independent without it showing?

The ASCA® photovoltaic films are ultra discreet and aesthetic. Their flexibility and thinness make them fully conformable with the lines of your product. Semi-transparent and therefore see-through, special coverings can be added to make the films as unobtrusive as possible.

Do you only want to use ASCA® as a light sensor?

ASCA® detects light and transforms it into energy. But its primary function may be the only one you wish to exploit. For example, Li-Fi is an electronic innovation able to function in association with ASCA®. ASCA® photovoltaic films are more sensitive to low and artificial light than other technologies. As ASCA® is able to pick up messages from LEDs, this ability could be promising for the development of Li-Fi technology by using the photovoltaic modules as sensors.

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Examples of applications: movement sensors, optical sensors, level sensors (sound, pressure, etc), radar, mice, coders, detectors, heating, air conditioning, lighting, alarms, intercoms, digicodes, cameras, remote controls, meters, etc

Our latest project Sensor

Pian’OPV, the piano that can detect light variations

One of the particular features of the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film, in addition to its ability to produce electricity, is its capacity to detect light variations, and therefore to act as a sensor. Discover our Pian'OPV!