Application areas

The ASCA® film, the most obvious applications

ASCA® Sensor

IoT - Home automation - Li-Fi

Due to the ability of the ASCA® photovoltaic film to function under low light intensity, even indoors, it is ideally suited to the world of sensors and is able to provide supplementary energy or make your connected solution autonomous in any environment (indoors, outdoors and in a low light environment).

What can the ASCA® film offer home automation equipment and sensors?

By incorporating ASCA® photovoltaic films, you can make the various connected systems you design energy independent. All sensors or home and building automation equipment require a source of embedded energy to facilitate their installation and utilization. Without batteries or wires and not requiring connection to the grid, your connected devices gain flexibility from every angle!

Photovoltaic solar smoke detector

Independent energy

Are you looking for an alternative to batteries for IoT sensors? Without batteries or wires and not requiring connection to the grid, your connected devices gain energy independence with the ASCA® film.

Indoors & Outdoors

The ASCA® film performs well in artificial light producing energy in low-light environments, enabling it to function both outdoors and indoors.

Simply and esthetically integrated

Are you seeking to solarize your product but have limited surface area or unusual shapes? As well as being thin, lightweight and flexible, the ASCA® solar modules offer bespoke design possibilities. These properties offer simple and aesthetic integration, readily adaptable to the specific features of your project.

Additional sensor

The ASCA® photovoltaic film is so sensitive to light that it is able to act as an additional sensor on top of its role as a generator of power (source of light, LiFi reception).

Bespoke support

Our teams can help you to develop and integrate ASCA® modules, whether for the mechanical, electronic or energy management systems, in addition to providing industrialization support.

Low environmental impact

Produced from a low-carbon process, the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film is free of rare metals and silicon and is 100% recoverable.

photovoltaic solar lifi sensor

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Examples of applications: movement sensors, optical sensors, level sensors (sound, pressure, etc), radar, mice, coders, detectors, heating, air conditioning, lighting, alarms, intercoms, digicodes, cameras, remote controls, meters, etc

Our latest project Sensor

The nursing home, “Les églantines”, just installed Dalkia’s smart lighting services solution

The nursing home, "Les Églantines", will use light as a communication network thanks to VsL® technology and badges equipped with ASCA® sensors