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The ASCA® film, the most obvious applications

ASCA® Mobility

Mobile accessories - Solar chargers - Solar Bags

To respond to mobility needs while your business trips, during your leisure time or to bring a response to emergencies, ASCA® photovoltaic film have been integrated in mobile accessories in order to bring you the energy you need.

What can the ASCA® film offer to mobile accessories?

How to recharge electronic devices when we are constantly on the move or isolated from any source of electrical power? Fitting solar chargers and compact equipment such as solar bags with ASCA® photovoltaic films has never been more useful than in a context where connected devices and the functionalities they offer make them ever more indispensable when we are travelling.

By incorporating ASCA® within your products, you can guarantee to your customers that whatever situation they may find themselves in, your product will be able to operate without access to the mains supply.

Nomadic solar bags and chargers


In urgent situations or when travelling in isolated areas, the guarantee of always having an available power source is an undeniable advantage that provides your solution with the highest possible level of performance for its intended use.

With ASCA® photovoltaic films, you will be able to offer new services via your product, such as:

  • Telephone recharging point (vital for accessing the emergency services and geo-tracking, for example)
  • Lighting and beacon systems (essential for equipping emergency, medical and other kits).

Is the ASCA® film suitable for my needs?

Thanks to its properties, the ASCA® film means you can use solar energy with mobile, compact, lightweight, flexible and easily transportable applications. Despite its thinness and flexibility, the ASCA® OPV film is highly robust and able to stand up to conditions of utilisation, transport and storage that require the technology to be highly adaptable to the variety of circumstances in which the product may be used.

Are you looking to integrate a photovoltaic solution to solarise your application but lightness is a precondition to ensure easy transportability?

If produced in the same size as an A4 sheet of paper, the ASCA® film weighs just 30 grams! The extra weight to be planned for when integrating a photovoltaic film is therefore virtually zero in terms of user perception.

Do you have no access to electricity and wish to remove the need for batteries?

With ASCA® photovoltaic films as the only power source, your products do not require any additional expenditure on batteries and also dispense with the recycling issue for this type of hazardous waste.

Does your application have to be independent of the mains supply?

Thanks to ASCA© OPV films, your products become completely mobile. By gaining energy independence regarding existing infrastructures, you no longer need to base the use of your product on the certainty of having mains access where it is used. Your application can therefore be used without material constraints, irrespective of infrastructure access or the location where the user intends to use your product.

Solar tent

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