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ASCA® Structures

Buildings - architecture - solar greenhouses

ASCA® Structures covers the markets of construction, architecture and solar greenhouses. Being flexible, thin and lightweight, the ASCA® photovoltaic solutions can be incorporated on all flat and curved surfaces, offering complete freedom of design.

What can the ASCA® solar solutions offer buildings and architectural constructions?

By ingeniously incorporating ASCA® photovoltaic films within buildings and all forms of construction, whether rigid or flexible, or within greenhouses, you can provide your solutions with a high level of sustainable innovation. All outside surfaces exposed to sunlight have the potential to produce energy thanks to the ASCA® solar film, so make use of it!

The advantages of ASCA® solutions

Freedom of design

The product of unique know-how, the ASCA® film is pushing back the limits of photovoltaics and is able to take on a multitude of forms, dimensions and colors.

Highly aesthetic and customizable, the ASCA® photovoltaic solutions offer unrestricted freedom of design for your architectural projects.

Easy to integrate

Superimposed onto an existing structure (BAPV) or fully integrated (BIPV) within a newbuild or renovation project, there are numerous ways of incorporating the ASCA® solutions.

Semi-transparent, the ASCA® film can be integrated with transparent materials such as glass, polycarbonate and ETFE, contributing towards visual and thermal comfort while simultaneously creating energy.

Bespoke support

Our multi-disciplinary teams can help you to develop and integrate ASCA® modules, whether for the mechanical, electronic or energy management systems, in addition to providing industrialization support.


Ultra-light, the ASCA® film is ideal for roofs and structures offering limited weight-bearing capacity.


Highly flexible, the ASCA® solutions are able to hug curved or undulating surfaces and can even be rolled up.

Low environmental impact

Produced from a low-carbon process, the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film is free of rare metals and silicon and is 100% recoverable. It is the ingenuous photovoltaic solution for low-carbon certification in the construction industry.

Adaptable to all materials

Whether metal, glass, membrane, polycarbonate, textile or ETFE, the ASCA® bespoke solutions can be incorporated within a multitude of different materials.


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Examples of applications: buildings, apartment blocks, shopping centres, sports complexes, structures, tents, exterior tensile fabrics, textile facades, courtyards, canopies, shelters, mobile solar units, interior blinds, conservatories, urban greenhouses, glass greenhouses, plastic greenhouses, special hothouses, shadehouses, greenhouse bubbles, storage shelters, composters and skylights.

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