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ASCA® Structures

Buildings - ephemeral architecture - solar greenhouses

ASCA® Structures covers construction, temporary architecture and solar greenhouses. The ASCA® photovoltaic films can be added to expansive flat or curved surfaces.

What can ASCA® offer buildings and other works of architecture?

By ingeniously incorporating ASCA® photovoltaic films into buildings, other constructions (rigid and flexible) and even greenhouses, you can provide your solutions with superior and sustainable innovation. All exterior surfaces exposed to sunlight have the potential to produce solar energy thanks to ASCA®, so make the most of it!

Thanks to the ASCA® photovoltaic modules, it is now possible to provide an independent source of energy for:

  • Exterior lights and lighting systems;
  • Sensors (e.g. light and position detectors);
  • Home automation equipment (e.g. meters and control units);
  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The energy collected by ASCA® can also provide an additional source to reduce the overall consumption of the building or other structure.

Photovoltaic solar canopy

Is ASCA® suitable for my needs?

With ASCA®, there will be no looking back in the world of architectural design. Photovoltaic modules are able to solarise roofs and glazing, providing an additional source of energy.

Are you seeking to solarise a construction with unusual lines?

Photovoltaic films are suitable for all designs, even the most original: whether arched, asymmetrical, made of light materials, flexible or glass!

Photovoltaic solar sail

Do your buildings suffer from excessive exposure to the sun?

The semi-transparency of ASCA® means it offers interesting shading properties in sun-rich areas, improving the comfort of those that need to be on the inside or in order to avoid the deterioration of goods or foodstuffs when exposed to heat and light.

Does your construction require your solar modules to be rolled up?

Opening, sliding, mobile, telescopic and folding roofs and glazing can benefit from the ability of ASCA® to be rolled up. Even when subjected to such constraints, they can also produce solar energy.

Solar photovoltaic roof

Are you looking for a solar solution suitable for metallic-textile structures?

Flexible structures require solar solutions adapted to their unique characteristics. ASCA® provides an interesting response to these design constraints, such as the lightness and flexibility demands of textiles employed in architecture.

Do you wish to avoid having to connect to the grid?

Particularly in the case of temporary and/or mobile structures, transportability will be restricted to areas connected to the grid if no provision is made for an independent energy supply. ASCA® is the ideal solution to overcome this constraint and to install your structure without spoiling natural and/or isolated areas, and with no need for lengthy and costly electrical installations.

Do you wish to solarise your greenhouses to make them energy independent?

Certain sensors, connected apparatus and light sources required for production can be sustainably powered by photovoltaic energy.

To produce such energy, greenhouses need to integrate lightweight photovoltaic films (especially when fitted with opening/closing mechanisms). ASCA® captures sunlight, only allowing partial penetration. By adding specific coverings, it is even possible to select the desired level of light intensity in accordance with the requirements of the plants being grown in the greenhouse.

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Examples of applications: buildings, apartment blocks, shopping centres, sports complexes, temporary structures, tents, exterior tensile fabrics, textile facades, courtyards, canopies, shelters, mobile solar units, interior blinds, conservatories, urban greenhouses, glass greenhouses, plastic greenhouses, special hothouses, shadehouses, greenhouse bubbles, storage shelters, composters and skylights.

Our latest project
in builing sector

Greenhouses fitted with the ASCA® organic photovoltaic film

Within the framework of a partnership with Eiffage Energie Systèmes, Les Maraichers Nantais and Groupe Olivier, ASCA® photovoltaic films have been deployed at industrial greenhouses located near Nantes.