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The ASCA® film, the most obvious applications

ASCA® City

Street furniture - Signage - Markings

Photovoltaic film ASCA® responds especially well to SmartCity issues. Thanks to its unique properties (lightness, fineness, flexibility and transparency), its fits perfectly in urban environment.

What can the ASCA® film offer public facilities and street furniture?

With the ASCA® film, the smart city can be even more innovative, design oriented and digital, while further reducing the carbon footprint. All objects in public spaces need additional functionalities to improve their utility and enhance user/device interaction. These new applications are known as “connected street furniture”.

Thanks to the ASCA® photovoltaic film, new applications are now possible, such as:

  • Enable users to charge their devices via a solar-powered USB port integrated within the street furniture;
  • Enable user devices to connect to the network via Wi-Fi hotspots;
  • Obtain traffic information on pedestrian, cycle or vehicle routes;
  • Provide a screen to enable users to interact with the street furniture;
  • Power an eco-friendly source of lighting and/or illumination.

And all these new functionalities can be easily added without the need for costly electrical cabling: the street furniture is fully energy independent and mobile!

Is the ASCA® OPV film suitable for my needs?

What would you say about a connected passenger shelter or bench, an interactive information sign, an intelligent waste bin or a street light able to gather data?

The smart city is composed of a multitude of applications, each with their own specific features and demands.

Solar photovoltaic composter

Do you need a robust photovoltaic technology?

Unlike a photovoltaic panel added to your application, the ASCA® film is incorporated directly within it and fitted with resistant coverings if required, able to further protect the technology from vandalism, theft or hostile weather conditions.

Do you wish to respect the current design of your application or enhance its aesthetic appearance?

Solar street furniture

The ASCA® film offers an aesthetic quality will discreetly adapting itself to the contours of the applications in which the photovoltaic film is incorporated. An application with unusual lines, curves or parts that roll up presents no difficulties for these flexible and conformable photovoltaic modules.

Do you need a photovoltaic solution able to meet delicate technical constraints?

The ASCA® film offers a remarkable level of adaptability able to satisfy the most demanding of requirements. Lightweight, transparent and flexible, the technology is also able to function in low light or extreme heat.

Your application needs to be visible at night without wasting energy?

The ASCA® OPV film can help you reduce light pollution. For example, thanks to its compatibility with illumination solutions, your solution will consume less energy than using traditional eco-friendly lighting.

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Examples of applications: Passenger shelters, billboards, signage, signals, beacons, enclosures, barriers, sports and school equipment, tables, benches, seats, totems, containers, play areas, grills, ticket machines, lighting posts, rubbish bins, etc.

Our latest project
in Urban Furniture sector

Solar street furniture installed at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Discover the new solar street furniture installed at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). It is powered by the ASCA® organic photovoltaic.