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The ASCA® film, the most obvious applications

ASCA® Transports

Automobile - rail transports - aeronautics - yachting

ASCA® solar films are so thin and flexible that it can fit easily in all type of transports in order to make a part of vehicles self-sufficient. Make the city of tomorrow more autonomous and less energy consuming is the objective of ASCA® photovoltaics films.

What does the ASCA® film offer to the field of transport?

With ASCA® OPV film, the transport sector is able to reduce its consumption of fossil fuels by using abundant and inexhaustible solar energy.

Numerous disruptive innovations have now been developed, such as autonomous cars and vehicles, solar aircraft, hybrid aircraft, solar road surfaces and boats which function solely using photovoltaic energy.

Although such innovations are shaping the world of tomorrow, innovation is also able to have an immediate effect. By simply incrementing certain new functionalities powered by ASCA® photovoltaic films, it is possible to functionalise the glazed areas on buses, trains, trams, lorries, ships, yachts (portholes, windows, windshields) and other surfaces (roofs, bonnets, mirrors, aircraft wings, etc.) in an aesthetic and discreet manner, in order to:

  • Power interior or exterior light sources using sustainable energy
  • Offer the ability to recharge connected onboard devices free of charge
  • Power Li-Fi, promoting its use on board or within vehicle passenger compartments
  • Provide an additional source of energy for certain airborne autonomous vehicles (drones, hot air balloons, etc.)

Is ASCA® suitable for my needs?

Whether your project involves road, air, rail, cable, river, maritime or space transport, the ASCA® film offers unique possibilities to exploit solar energy.

Are you seeking to add a photovoltaic solution with minimum impact on the total weight of your design?

The ASCA® film is thirty times lighter than a traditional solar panel. It is possible to incorporate photovoltaic modules that are so light that they maintain the full power of the vehicle, machine or devices you have designed.

Do you want to solarise glazed areas while adding a shadowing effect to improve the safety or comfort of drivers and passengers?

The ASCA® film is semi-transparent and so thin that it is see-through. Added to windows or sliding roofs, you can regulate the desired ambient luminosity by selecting the transparency level or ink colour to create a different lighting atmosphere.

Are you looking for a discreet solution that integrates perfectly with your design?

The ASCA® film is the most suitable current technology and most able to meet your needs. Your designs can be as original as you wish, your inventiveness can be limitless!

Do you wish to power certain functionalities without affecting your carbon footprint?

Certain sensors or lighting systems can be powered using ASCA® modules. By selecting a sustainable and responsible power source, energy independent functionalities do not impact the fuel consumption of your machines, devices or vehicles.

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Examples of applications: cars, motorbikes, vans, trailers, camper vans, lorries, tractors, scooters, bicycles, freight bicycles, trains, tube trains, trams, buses, aircraft, helicopters, cable cars, chairlifts, funiculars, barges, yachts, dinghies, catamarans, speedboats, liners, container ships, ferries, hovercraft, frigates, aircraft carriers, launches, trawlers, aircraft, drones and spacecraft.

Our latest transport project

ASCA® enters the world of solar sailing!

The ARMOR group has been collaborating with Science & Engineering students at IUT in Nantes, working on a project to create solar sails by incorporating ASCA® OPV (Organic Photovoltaic) film.